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Weekly new materials

Podcast/guided meditation (listen now or download)

This week I'm attaching a 10 minute guided meditation called Mind the Gap - bringing attention to the space in which events arise.


Latest post:  Kindness at work

This week's video - see more on YouTube channel (click to subscribe).

Video and audio resources by theme

Stress check tool - an interactive pdf to chunk down your stress factors

The Taster course
Starting with mindfulness at workThis short course introduces what mindfulness is, how it works, and includes a few short practices that you can start using right away. Start now.

Introduction to mindfulness - what it is, the neuroscience of stress, how mindfulness works, and evidence of impact

Breathing practices - a core skill to use as a way to calm, centre and focus- in seconds!

Body awareness - the body is our early warning system and the key tool in developing emotional intelligence

Daily routines - how to establish new habits of regular practice (for busy people)

Self care - simple guidance for better sleep, diet and exercise

Connection and gratitude - becoming more proactively positive

Managing workload pressure - the no. 1 cause of workplace stress

Kindness - a key tool that's a win-win approach

Open awareness - more core skills including mindful hearing

Mindful listening - a key skill in the workplace and socially!

Mindful meetings - how to improve communication in meetings

Mindful movement - taking mindfulness into walking and all activities

Dealing with difficulties  - managing strong emotions and conflict

Mindfulness in one minute a day

These short animated videos are bite-sized insights and inspirations (from our FivetoNine app). Each theme has 5 animated videos.


  1. An introduction to mindfulness  - your starter kit
  2. Mindful breathing - a core practice to calm down quickly
  3. Body awareness - core practice including the body scan
  4. Doing and Being - how to live in the now and just be
  5. Socialising - expanding your life into new areas
  6. Mornings - get the day off to a good start
  7. Evenings - relax and let go of worries
  8. Micro-practices - claiming down in seconds
  9. Workload - simple tips to focus better
  10. Habits - recognising and changing the way we act and react
  11. Interconnection - realising how much we are supported by each other
  12. Gaps - seeing the blue sky between the clouds
  13. Hearing - opening awareness to sounds
  14. Workplace - creating a better working environment
  15. Exercise - keeping the body fit and open
  16. Eating - eating well and making it part of our practice
  17. Sleeping - help yourself get a better sleep
  18. Pausing - taking regular pauses keeps stress in check
  19. Curiosity - observing one's own behaviour without judgement
  20. Kindness - win-win that helps everyone
  21. Conflict - managing interpersonal relations better
  22. Meetings - reframing how we approach meetings
  23. Thoughts - managing the monkey mind
  24. Gratitude -a powerful practice to counteract negativity
  25. Stepping back - getting perspective
  26. Travel - making use of travel time to touch base

Five to Nine - an app with a daily mindfulness reminder. Get the app at:

Going deeper and getting individual help

If you want to go deeper into the practice you'll need to join one of our retreats. It will give you the time, space and a supportive environment in which to relax and discover deeper insights, with Simon's guidance.

If you want personal attention and practices designed specifically for you, a few coaching sessions (by video call or in person) may be a great investment.

Taking a fully guided course 

The real key to making lasting change is to practice every day for 6-8 weeks. By taking a full course you can:

  • be guided through a programme, full notes, more guided exercises, log book and many more materials than in the member's resources
  • attend webinars with interaction, support and motivation from Simon and from each other
  • get certification for CPD
  • join a private Facebook ‘masterclass’ group

Taking an online course with webinars is much cheaper than doing a workshop based course and you can go back to the online materials any time, forever. Webinars are recorded too so if you ever miss one you can catch up in your own time.

To be eligible for a full course you need to sign up or upgrade to annual membership.

See courses for individuals and courses for corporate teams or cohorts.