Less stress, better productivity, great teams

 - proven results from mindfulness training and coaching

Stress, anxiety and depression are the top reasons for
staff absence, conflict and poor morale.
This reduces productivity, and you risk losing key employees.
Poor mental health costs organisations over £1,500 per employee pa (Deloitte 2020).

Happily, something can be done about it, easily.
With our training, participants report over 72% better capacity to handle stress,  76% better productivity, and are 68% happier air work.
Mental health initiatives generally pay back 5x the investment (NHS).


With simple techniques, trainees will start coping better within days. With 25 years’ experience and over 500 people trained, I can help build wellbeing and resilience in your workplace.

Set up a free scoping call now or send a message.

Did you know?

NICE guidelines now recommend that organisations:
'Offer all employees (or help them to access) mindfulness, yoga or meditation on an ongoing basis.'

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