Mindful Work

Mindfulness for workplace stress reduction and productivity improvement

Stress at work? - our mindfulness training really helps

We combine 30 years experience of business development,
with decades of mindfulness practice and teaching,
to help reduce workplace stress.

Our training helps busy people develop resilience and work better together... and so creates a happier, more productive workplace.

How we do mindfulness training differently

We design and deliver workplace mindfulness training online, with webinars. It's based on our unique 'little & often' model to suit busy people, and we adapt the training to suit your employees' needs.


A monthly subscription keeps people supported year-round, with free webinars, an interactive community, and other free tools and an app. See the half price pioneer offer.

For more of an insight, see this 2 minute video:

What our clients say

Clients of workplace mindfulness training

“Most trainees are managing stressful scenarios much better, and motivation is tangibly better. There’s a real buzz in the services, with those who’ve been trained informally helping others, so it’s made a significant difference already.”

Craig Cole
Head of Safety, Health, and Wellbeing
Action for Children

“Simon trained some of our senior lawyers and managers. We saw productivity and chargeable time increase by around 20%, contributing to our most profitable quarter yet - so it was great value, and helped us create a happier workplace.”

Paul Clayton
HR Director
Capital Law and Capital People


 - averages from last 3 training cohorts


Improved capacity
to manage stress


focus & productivity


happiness at work


return on investment
(in Year 1)

More about our unique approach

Addressing work-related stress with ongoing support

Stress now accounts for 57% of sickness leave (HSE 2019). It is a major contributor to presenteeism and staff turnover, and costs £1911 pp pa (Deloitte 2017). Because this is such a key issue, we've developed training that reduces this by over 50%.

Our mindfulness-based resources are offered on a membership basis, to make learning easy. So we include daily tips, monthly webinars, and huge discounts off online or webinar-based courses.

We’ve made mindfulness accessible, easy and relevant, with training that is:

  • based on a ‘little and often’ approach (no time barrier)
  • in plain English and business language (no fluffiness!)
  • online with webinars (never miss a class, accessible 24/7)
  • workplace focused (relevant)
  • offers year-round support

How we adapt the training for you

We're as flexible as you need, so you can create workplace, group or individual memberships.  There is a wide menu of training that’s adaptable to fit your needs.

For organisations, we start by scoping your employees’ stress points, then we design a programme to meet that need in terms of content and delivery.

People could, for example:

  • start with our free tools or a Taster course
  • proceed to in-depth training for those who want it, and
  • keep developing their practice with on-going support
  • join our monthly Stress at Work webinar programme
  • keep using the Five to Nine app  - a one-minute mindfulness tip each day

Read more about the training options.

Do you want your team to shrug off stress and be more productive? We can help...