The 6 week Foundation course

Course content

- about this course
- what is mindfulness?
- how it works / brain science

Week 1 - mindful breathing
- how to practice
- mindful breathing 
- sleep

Week 2 – mindfulness in the body
- body scan
- mindful walking
- exercise & yoga

Week 3 – interconnection & gratitude
- gratitude
- diet
- the 10 second re-boot

Week 4 - managing interactions
- kindness & compassion
- emotional intelligence
- mindful communication
- mindful hearing

Week 5 - managing difficulties
- leaning-in with curiosity
- reframing & LALA
- mind the gap

Week 6 - developing your practice
- review your practice 
- habits & pro-active positivity
- keeping it going and next steps
- longer guided meditations

Week 6 - Developing your practice

We carry with us, from one day to the next, our old baggage of who we think we are. Learned patterns of behaviour and emotional reaction get hardwired into our brain and body, so that responses become automated.

The good news is that each day, and every moment, is an opportunity to start creating new, more relevant and compassionate responses.

As you keep practicing, the re-wiring process in the brain becomes more and more established. So now it's time to consider how you will keep going with it - and we're here to help you.

But most of all, a huge well done to you! You've made a major start in changing your life for the better, and that will positively affect everyone around you too.