Applying Mindfulness at Work

Course content

- about workplace stress
- stress impact update

Managing workload
- increasing efficiency
- negotiating the possible 

Workplace communication
- mindful listening & meetings
- emails
- coaching

Working from home

Applying your mindfulness skills at work

This short course is really our core specialism - integrating mindfulness at work to reduce stress, increase productivity and build better teams. We work with some great organisations and have had great results, both for individuals and for the business as a whole.

So we've abstracted some of the key skillsets from this training to help you at work.

Although the  materials here can be viewed any time, we strongly recommend that you start by taking the 6-week Foundation course, so that your developing skills can be brought to bear in a workplace environment.

Workplace stress is an epidemic, but remember that stress is something we create internally: how we react to external events is learned, and we can re-learn new responses. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks!