Mindful leadership

What is a mindful leader?

Team leaders are increasingly under pressure.
Directors and departmental heads have difficult decisions to make.

Stress for leaders is sky high. If leaders are anxious and reacting poorly, it will filter down to create a toxic environment with consequent loss of motivation.

But with a combination of applied mindfulness skills, compassion, respect and practical tools,
leaders can get back on track.

We're launching a new programme:

Develop core practices

Explore the underlying principles to address leadership stress and build resilience to pressure and change

Learn practical tools

Enable leaders to build better teams, including recognising sign of mental ill-health and signposting to help

Create a mindful organisation

Become a beacon of good practice and provide an inspiration to others

I would love to help you...but can you help me?

We're developing our approach to leadership training.

If you'd like to trial this, working closely with me, I'd love to hear form you.

Let's explore this together.

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