Is Coronavirus creating more stress for you?

Learn how to stay calm and manage anxiety and depression

These life-changing skills will help you meet the challenges that Covid 19 is creating, and get your life back into balance

Here's how it works:
and what you can expect

We make it really simple to do:
hers's what you can expect

How will this help me?
Reduce the stress of COVID – you’ll learn how to stay calm, manage anxiety, avoid depression, develop positivity, and feel better resourced to face new challenges.

All you have to do is…
Commit to 5 minutes quiet time every morning and evening, and pause to take frequent  ‘mindful moments’ during the day.

Why is this better than an App?
You get personal guidance from me and structured programme  - I guide you through mindfulness training using a combination of online materials and coaching/email.  I have 25 years experience in mindfulness/meditation practice and teaching.

You also get:
You can join as a member of our Facebook support group where you can also join a live-streamed morning meditation session.

Does it work?
We've run these courses for over 500 people in the last 3 years -  on average people feel 70%  better at managing stress.

Here’s what one trainee said recently:

‘ I would recommend anyone who is trying to take control of their whirlwind lives give this course a chance because I have felt more grounded, massively more focused and generally happier since I started it.’
Peter E

What you get from the course

  • structured guidance, with videos, full notes, exercises, audio files, and loads more resources
  • if you buy the coached option, you get two coaching sessions 1:1 and email support
  • join a private Facebook ‘share & support' group

Protect your mental health

Mental health problems are becoming a core impact of Coronavirus.

Anxiety and depression are most common,
combined with a strain on personal relationships.

We'll address this directly and suggest a bunch of easy exercises so that your mental health gets into a positive upward spiral.

Let’s hear from some of people who’ve done the training with me:

Course summary

The course in brief

  • 6 week online course - mobile friendly
  • takes 5 minutes morning and evening, plus ‘many mindful moments’
  • I’ll show you exactly what to do
  • If you opt-in, you can get 2 one-to-one coaching sessions
  • On-going motivation and tips

I'll help you to stay calm, focus, deal with conflict and all kinds of difficulties, get on top of anxiety and depression, and get your life back into in balance.

Price and offer

The price is £397 with coaching or £137 self-led

If you are unemployed ask me about a reduction.

 But first, arrange a quick call
with Simon to make the course will suit you.