A mindfulness course for accountants
and those in financial services

The accountants' course

Accountants and those in financial services are often highly stressed.

This can lead to a drop in productivity, or even complete burn out.

Mindfulness is a proven set of skills that build resilience.

We have designed  a bespoke online training course for people working in the financial sector, based on a ‘little and often’ approach, that really works.

One accountancy manager reported a 70% rise in productive working capacity.

What’s the problem?

Accountants and those in financial services often feel overloaded with work, unappreciated, isolated, and unsupported; many complain of unattainable targets, poor working conditions, and long hours.

Half of those working in the banking and financial services industries believe that businesses are not doing enough to support the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees, and 42% would like to use an ‘emotional wellness’ programme.[1]

More than a third of absences in the financial services sector are due to mental ill health. Yet, according to CABA, a charity that supports accountants' wellbeing, employees are often afraid to talk to their manager about their mental health.

The key tool for these professionals is their mind. They use it to solve problems for clients. Yet how much time do they spend taking care of this precious resource?

What is the cost to their own wellbeing of working in an environment where the subject matter is inherently stressful and where there is an acute need to serve client’s interests and achieve the best possible outcome.

Where key professionals are under pressure, they are also likely to affect their colleagues and support staff.  So productivity and wellbeing can both enter a negative spiral.

[1] Global Banking & Finance Review 2018

The six week course

We have a created a six week course, condensing our normal programme and focusing on addressing the stresses experienced in the finance sector.

How can mindfulness help?

Firstly, those working in financial services can benefit from a review of their approach to their working life. A good starting point is to clarify values and intention, and to make a commitment to a better work-life balance.

Secondly, individuals need to build their resilience. A programme of secular mindfulness , based on sound neuroscience, then provides the skills and training ground to learn how to live and work in a more balanced way.

There is also a role for organisational leaders to recognize the signs of stress, to be proactive in creating supportive culture, and in responding appropriately when problems occur.

Does it work?

Thousands of research studies reflect the findings of our own training outcomes – over 50% better capacity to manage stress, and over 50% productivity improvement.

Here’s what one accountancy client said:

I would recommend anyone who is trying to take control of their whirlwind lives give this course a chance because I have felt more grounded, massively more focused in work and generally happier since I started it.  Some of the insights it gave me about myself were difficult to acknowledge but so useful. For the first time in I don’t know how long, that I am a whole being and not just a back ache or a stressed head. ‘

Jayne Tynan, Guy Walmsley



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