Webinar programme

We run regular webinars, about 10 each year, to look at different aspects of managing workplace stress.

You can book into upcoming webinars by following the links  - this now goes straight to the Zoom registration - and we'll send you reminders. You can view live for free or watch later for a limited time (always available to members). Places limited to 100 so don't delay!

We use Zoom for the webinars - this normally works well via Chrome (view through browser) in case your organisation has web-filtering.

See recent webinars below and some informative interviews.

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Latest webinar:
Mid-life and the menopause: what leaders need to know.
Dec 10th, 11am.

Join our webinar about 'Midlife and the menopause : what leaders need to know' with Katie Day of RDP International .

Midlife affects us all. For women, the menopause can be both devastating and liberating. For men, their midlife transition can equally herald changes that are unexpected.

This has the potential to impact on a significant percentage of the workforce. It is the ‘invisible’ emotional and psychological experiences that can be the most difficult to comprehend and manage. Of course, midlife arrives when people are in, or reaching, the prime of their life and career.

As leaders, we need to become aware of the nature and scale of the issue, offering understanding, support and accommodating those affected. We also need to enable a more enlightened and open awareness in the workplace.

Whilst challenging, midlife for everyone can also be a highly positive time – a chance to reflect, become clearer about one's purpose, and develop new ways to work and live.

Katie Day will introduce the issue and offer some practical strategies, followed by a chance for you to ask questions.

Some former webinars and interviews


Conscious leadership - Nov 19th. Conscious leadership looks at wellbeing in the round, and sees organisational health as a reflection of a more human and engaged approach to leadership. It rests on waking up to understand how best to take care of ourselves and others. With Natasha Wallace. Available to members only.

brain healthNutrition for mental health
- Sept 12th. Key ways to eat healthily in a busy working environment, to keep us alert, awake and balanced. With expert Clare Daley of The Brain Health Programme. Only available to members

rachel suff cipd

Management strategies to reduce stress - July 11th. With stress increasing,  Rachel Suff of CIPD considers how stress can be addressed in management strategies, plus a live Q&A session. Only avaliable to members.

Creating a conversation about stress - June 12th.  Key issues about workplace stress and workload will be discussed with the HSE, who will introduce the new Talking Toolkit, plus a chance to ask questions and share your experience. Only avaiable to members