The membership package
- a new, simple, way for you to 'do' mindfulness and
get support - with a low monthly fee 

Want to stay calm and get more done?
You can, simply.

We've re-designed mindfulness for busy working people, with our 'little & often' model.

Here's what you get as a member:

Me! I'm here to help you directly, in whatever way I can. With more than 20 years of mindfulness practice and its application at work, I can guide you with real skill.

Stop Press! Next 6 week course starts 30th Jan at 8pm.


The Starter Kit: a simple introduction to mindfulness and a couple of core practices, as animated videos.

The Stress Check tool: helps break down the things that cause you stress into manageable chunks, then gives some suggestions about what to do next.

Weekly podcast: each week we'll offer a new guided practice or contemplation. See example.

Five to Nine: an app with a daily mindfulness reminder.

Guest webinars: monthly lunch-time webinars on specific subjects, often with a guest panel member.

Loads more resources: links to great videos, articles, posts and podcasts and guided meditations.

You get it all for just £9 per month, and can cancel any time.


You can work through and repeat any of these online courses at times that suit you. You can also join webinars with other students in our programme of open webinars (designed to help you through the 6 week course but always available as a reminder).

The Taster course
Starting with mindfulness at workThis short course introduces what mindfulness is, how it works, and includes a few short practices that you can start using right away.

6 week mindfulness foundation course
Mindfulness training for lawyersThis course will take you through a guided programme of core mindfulness skills.  You can also join a series of interactive webinars to get direct help and guidance.

Mindfulness at work Mindful leader
This course is a critical add-on for anyone experiencing stress at work.  It builds on Foundation course skills to cover elements such as managing workload and better interactions with colleagues and clients.

Mindfulness for Fostering & Adoption
Mindfulness training for fostering and adoptionThis 6-week course is designed for carers and support workers involved in the care of children in fostering and adoption, and includes exercises for kids.