Courses and retreats

mindfulness-based programmes
to help you cope with stress and awaken to the beauty of life,
wherever you're starting from

Courses and retreats

Sleep better


Guidance on best practice for sleeping better, plus guided meditations for bed time by Simon, mindfulness practices if you wake in the night, and the amazing opportunity we can find on the first breath of the day.

Audio bundle


A bundle of 17 downloadable guided mediations and core practices read by Simon, including breathing, body scan, hearing, loving kindness, and a few book chapters. Simon's voice is considered very calming.

October retreat

£425 all inclusive

A 5 day retreat in remote hills of Herefordshire. A combination of T'ai Ji and meditation. A great opportunity to deepen your practice, letting go and opening the heart. Great food, direct support and guidance by Simon.

Manage stress at work

£397 coached or £137 self-led

A 6-week course. Learn how to stay calm, focus, and get on better with clients and colleagues. Cope when things get overwhelming and the pressure is on. Develop better emotional intelligence, avoid conflict, flourish with new challenges, and re-find your purpose.

Covid stressbuster

£397 coached or £137 self-led

A 6-week course. Learn how to stay calm with all the change, uncertainty and new ways of living and working. Learn how to manage anxiety and depression. These life-changing skills will help you meet the challenges that Covid 19 is creating, and get your life back into balance.

Foundation course

£397 coached or £137 self-led

A 6 week course. Learn the core practices of mindful breathing, body scan, mindful hearing, mindful walking, kindness and dealing with difficulties, with audio downloads. Includes prompting emails. Always start here if you're new or need to refresh the basics.