Fostering & Adoption

A mindfulness course for adopters, foster carers and support agencies

The adoption & fostering course

Fostering and adoption is inherently a stressful process, for the support professionals, foster carers and adopters, and the children. 

The changes in life patterns, the forming of new relationships, coping with ‘difficult’ behaviours, unrealistic expectations, and the emotional challenges, all require skills that benefit from mindfulness training.

Why an online course?

The online training model allows people to log on and learn and practice the skills whenever and wherever they are, in bite-sized chunks.

The approach we’ve taken for the workplace training is also relevant for this application – with a ‘little and often’ model.  Once registered, you can go back in any time to re-learn, refresh or refine your experience.

The online platform contains all the course materials, which comprise videos, notes and mp3s; and none are longer than 5 minutes.  The training focuses on integrating what’s been learned into the ‘real-life’ stress points people meet, so that one learns to pause, step back, get perspective and choose a compassionate response to difficulties, as they arise.

And by the way...

Simon, the director and lead trainer of Mindful Work, is an adoptive parent of a child with complex needs and presentations. He has direct experience and is keen to help others in this position.

See this 3 minute video about the course:

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