Breathing intro and 10 second re-boot (video)

A short intro to mindful breathing – a core skill in mindfulness practice. Also introduces a quick de-stress technique. Included in the Taster and Manage Workplace Stress courses.

Unconditional Happiness

Being happy is a goal most of us aspire to; but what does that really mean? Are we seeking a prolonged high, or does it just mean finding sustainable contentment? …

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How to wake up and feel good

The first moments of consciousness on waking follow a particular pattern.  First of all, there’s a kind of innocent, open quality – this can be experienced when you’re staying away from …

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How to meditate (video)

A simple animated video that shows how simple and natural meditation is – and the difference between meditation and mindfulness. Part of the Starter kit in Free Tools and the …

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Doing and Being

We keep ourselves so busy and distracted, and spend so much time thinking about things that have happened, or things that may happen in the future, that we are rarely …

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Mindful listening (video)

A short intro to mindful listening – a key skill for the workplace such as in meetings. Included in the Mindful Meetings and Manage Workplace Stress courses (see subscriptions).

Enlightenment sometime – compassion now

Enlightenment is not that difficult to find. In fact, the real trick is just to let go enough to see what’s already there. Not that letting go, fully, to the …

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Using Kindness at Work

Kindness is not a word we hear a lot in today’s over-busy workplaces. Wellbeing is up there as a concept, but I’m not sure it resonates with many people. It’s …

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How To Hold A Mindful Conversation

Mindful listening is a key skill for coaches and other ‘listening’ professionals, but it’s also a core workplace skill for all of us. Mindful listening helps nurture better interactions and …

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