Free tools

Get started with mindfulness

The Five to Nine app

Five to Nine is an app and website that broadcasts an animated, one-minute video, every weekday morning at five to nine.

It's a great way to get started with mindfulness, or to keep motivated after completing a training course.

There's a free or paid version.

See the one-minute intro here, then register at Five to Nine now, or get the app for Android or Apple.

Other free stuff

The Starter Kit

This series of short animated videos that introduce the basics of mindfulness.

Stress Check Tool

The aim of this tool is to help you break down a general feeling of stress or overload into bite-sized chunks. This can then form a discussion point for occupational health or other interventions.


We'll invite you to monthly lunchtime webinars with expert speakers, looking at practical ways to deal with workplace stress.

Tips and insights

We'll send you regular tips and insights by email on how to live mindfully in a busy world.