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About Simon

Simon Michaels
Director and lead trainer

Hi. I’m a qualified business advisor, coach and mindfulness trainer.

I combine 30 years experience in business management with 25 years mindfulness practice.  My personal mission is to create happier workplaces, and a kinder world.

Whilst the training is entirely secular, my personal experience and understanding comes from meditation practice and teaching in the Buddhist contemplative tradition. This ancient wisdom is the foundation for effective mindfulness practice (see evidence), and my belief is that sound ethical values must underpin the techniques used.

I have formal qualifications in business support, coaching, and mindfulness teaching.  I’m a member of the International Stress Management Association and have a Mental Health First Aid certificate, and adhere to the code of practice for mindfulness-based trainers. I’m an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a director of 6 successful ethical companies, and have advised over 100 businesses, government agencies, third sector organisations and local authorities.

My qualifications and long experience in business development, ensure that the profound practice of mindfulness is applied creatively to help resolve contemporary workplace issues such as stress reduction, improved creativity and innovation, and better team working.

See my book: The Path Leads Here

I have a small team of 3 mindfulness trainers, each with different sector experience, all of whom have been practising mindfulness and offering practical advice to businesses for many years.

We're backed up by a project director, IT dev people, and a customer support officer.

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We really listen to your needs, adapt the training, and get such positive feedback.

See what our trainees say in these short video testimonials and feedback comments.

Vanessa U

"Since starting Mindfulness, I have really started to notice the difference short practises make. 

Overall, I feel I am starting to gain control of manic days at work, reducing stress and anxiety when work is spiralling."

Katherine B

"Starting the day with mindfulness helps calm me and have a more positive approach to tasks during the day.  This greatly reduces stress and anxiety.

I feel through my practices, I have been far more focussed and have actually completed work quicker."

Richard M

"I have encountered some of the techniques utilised in the mindfulness training before, but this course combined the most effective practices from these in a way that was accessible and interesting.

Very worthwhile and useful!"

Jayne T

" I had reached a point where my life felt out of control. I was very unproductive in work. But now I feel calmer and as if I can face things. I feel happier in myself. And I am noticing a big change in work with how I approach tasks and how quickly I get them done."

Need to help reduce stress and improve productivity? This really works!