About my teaching roots

Whilst my teaching is secular and designed for the modern world of work, it should give confidence to trainees that my mindfulness practice is derived from an ancient and entirely ‘road-tested’ Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

I have 25 years training in the Buddhist traditions of Vajrayana, Thervada and Dzogchen.  In November 2017 in Portugal I was ordained as Karma Tsultrim Wangpo (meaning powerful ethical activist, in Tibetan) by my current teacher Lama Jangchub Sempa Gyatso in the lineage of Namgyal Rimpoché. I meditate pretty much every day and attend regular long retreats.

This teaching and transmission forms the root of my mindfulness training, giving it depth and integrity. I am personally committed to helping as many people as possible to live with more enjoyment and compassion, and to find deeper meaning in life. This is what drives and inspires me.

In terms of formal qualifications I have an MA and ILM Level 5 qualifications in business support, mindfulness teacher training and coaching.  I’m a member of the International Stress Management Association and have a Mental Health First Aid certificate. I’m an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a director of 6 successful ethical companies, and have advised over 100 businesses, government agencies, third sector organisations and local authorities.

My qualifications and long experience in business development, ensure that the profound practice of mindfulness is applied creatively to help resolve contemporary workplace issues such as stress reduction, improved creativity and innovation, and better team working.

My story

I spent many years as a stressed consultant (first in the environmental sector then in food supply chains). I was anxious about all kinds of things such as workload pressure, getting on with those around me, feeling valued and staying motivated.

Whilst I made a living OK, and was pretty competent, life was just not satisfying and it was spilling over into my social life. I blamed everything but myself. Then, about 20 years ago, I was made redundant and I really had to have a good look at myself!

So I began to get into mindfulness. The more I practised, the more I realised that my stress at work was easing off. It’s not that the external stress factors were any less, it was my reaction and response that was changing. As a result, I felt easier, more confident and more resilient, and my work improved too. So, after about 12 years of personal practice,  I trained and started to teach mindfulness.

So now I’ve brought my skills as a business advisor and mindfulness trainer together, by helping people to get results and flourish, in a calmer, more focused, and more productive way. I’ve helped organisations from County Councils to third sector, and from business owners to coaches. Over 90% of 60 clients in a 5-scale survey in 2015, said the results were ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’.

I aim to lead you in a journey that’s made all the difference to me and many others. It’s not a quick fix – you’re going to need to spend 2 months doing the quick and easy practices in Simply Being Present, but the results can make a huge difference, to you and your employees. Good luck!


Simon @ Mindful Work

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“The practice of mindfulness has become a hugely important part of my life, both at home and in work. I find that I am more able to take a deep breath and pause when faced with challenging situations, and I am generally calmer and more able to ‘go with the flow’ of what life throws at me. I am also more compassionate and forgiving towards myself as well as to those around me.” FC, trainee, November 2015

“Work and life pressures no longer have the ‘sting’ they appeared to have prior to developing mindfulness. Similar events still happen but the way I react has improved.” JC, trainee, Dec 2015

“I was able to immediately apply the training with a coachee who presented with high levels of stress and a sense of being overwhelmed. Mindfulness work over three coaching sessions (which he diligently practiced in between) reduced his stress and anxiety to a point where he was able to be clear about what needed to change at work in order manage his workload.” Feedback after coaching training, Pembs. County Council Oct 15

“It has altered my attitude to life, myself and other people. In my work I am more focused and I worry less and I feel like the things I do have more meaning. I trust myself more and I find it easier to make decisions without being too concerned of the outcome.  I feel my mind is sharper, I can retain more information and be more productive.” LD, trainee, Dec 15

“As a result of Simon’s work with us, we’re clearer about our purpose, our values, our key business objectives and our strategies for achieving them. Simon managed to lead us through the process and contributed as part of the team, constructively challenging us to be clear in our communication to the world at large.”
Mediation at Work (CEO mentoring) 

“I generally feel more content even despite having difficult things happening. I understand my thoughts and feelings better and can trust that they always change, which has made me more resilient. I am able to cope with other peoples feelings too, without panicking and I am more understanding of others.” Trainee, Oct 15

“Dear Simon, I want to thank you very much for leading such a powerful 8 week course of learning about mindfulness practice. I found your approach has helped me to start to really understand the importance of being present in each moment, of learning to let go and become more tranquil, less judgmental and more compassionate both towards myself and to those around me.  ” Course participant, November 2013

“I would say that the course has made me 90% more focused. My role involves dealing with complex issues on a daily basis and I find that I now stop, breathe and focus on the now before responding to anything. This I have found has also made me less likely to make quick response assumptions and to concentrate on the actual detail of the problem I am dealing with.”
Trainee, Action for Children 2017