Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

Don’t let workplace stress bring your business down.

It can lead to low productivity, de-motivation, and loss of key staff.  It’s now the top cause of people being off sick.

Watch this short video to see what you can do about it:

Mindfulness is:

A simple way to change the way we react to stress.

At work, it helps us to:

  • cope better with workload demands
  • get on better with colleagues and clients
  • feel more confident and motivated

How Simon can help

Simon Michaels

Simon Michaels – business coach & mindfulness trainer.

I design bespoke training, with both face-to-face and e-learning.

Your business and your people are unique – so’s the solution.

Let’s work together to reduce stress and improve productivity.

94% of clients report ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ results.

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How some clients are benefitting

“Work and life pressures no longer have the ‘sting’ they appeared to have prior to developing mindfulness. Similar events still happen but the way I react has improved.”
John C – Business owner

“Through the training with Simon, I’m braver in my business and able to do things that challenge me, and I have a sense of peace inside of me that I can access even when times are hard.”
Leah D – Coach

The Workplace Stress Summit

– a free online conference for HR professionals, June 7th

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