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Workplace stress can ruin lives, and undermine businesses and organisations.

See how mindfulness-based training can transform your workplace.

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 How our mindfulness-based training works

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Stress reduction


Mindfulness helps people to stay calm, focused, and be more resilient emotionally. This can significantly reduce the time taken off work for all reasons, and helps motivate staff so they become more productive.

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Better communication


Mindful listening skills significantly increase emotional intelligence (EI), resulting in a more respectful and integrated workplace environment. EI is a key indicator of management career success.

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Where teams work well together, with individuals feeling more valued and purposeful, anything is possible.  Mindfulness training has been shown to increase focus, clarity of thought, and innovation.

How we can work with you


First we help assess stress risks; then identify individuals and teams needing help; then work with you to plan a cost effective strategy.

get startedWe run taster sessions, and some light touch workshops on specific subjects such as mindful conversations.

trainingWe can set up group programmes and one-off workshops, or offer individual training based on online media.

coachingWe support individual learning or help address personal issues and career development, through mindful coaching.

 What people are saying about us…


“I’m much happier, more tranquil and still driving within speed limits!  I think I’m slowing down internally, even though the pace of life is still very busy.”
Training for Pembrokeshire CC

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“The mindfulness approach has really helped me understand what’s real and what’s my stuff.  I’m beginning to feel that anything’s possible.”
Coaching client


“I  find that taking even a few minutes out  generates much more time in the longer-term, through having an uncluttered mind.”
Training for Environment Wales

Our vision

We want everyone to be happy, motivated and purposeful in their work.

We do this through training and coaching, using mindfulness as our core tool.

Over 90% of clients report ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ results.

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